A real alternative to trade-based services like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more. You can upload any type of files, preview them, convert them, edit them, share them in different ways (to a group of people, publicly, password protected, and more). And with the desktop app, you can sync all of them with your device.

an infinite storage space

Although we only offer 3GB of storage
anyone can attach any external hard drives to it


We understand that 3GB may not be enough, despite the fact that it equals to some 2.000 high quality photos, some 3.000 mp3 files, or several thousand document files. Offering a lot of storage space as trade-free is not possible at the moment because our resources are limited. However, we plan to extend the 3GB limit in time.

The solution? Attach any online hard drives that provide any of the following connections: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Nextcloud, SMB/CIFS.

Do not worry, this is very easy to do. And if you do not have access to any trade-free external hard drives, then trading currency for them to greatly extend the disk space may be the only solution. If you need any help with settings this up, contact us.


more than a storage space

A fully featured Office Suite
that allows you to master the documents






more than documents

Your photos, music, folders
are also important




And you can right click a video file to convert it directly in the cloud; or extract your archives. File versioning, complete control over sharing any file, post comments to any files, or auto-find duplicated files on your account – are all part of this.