TROM.tf is made by TROM, a project that started back in 2011, aimed at showcasing how our world-wide trade-based society is destroying pretty much everything: lives, the environment, the present, the future. From jobs to money, data collection or ads, borders and laws, all of this maze and craze is unnecessary in a world where we have so much abundance that we create mountains of waste out of it. It is time to move beyond this, and create trade-free goods and services for everyone, something we are starting to do now. We are creating/enabling a lot of online trade-free services: from video platforms, to social networks, operating systems, search engines, educational materials, and so much more.

To learn more about our project, visit tromsite.com.
To learn more about what trade-free means, visit trade-free.org.
To see all of our tools, visit tromsite.com/tools.
To contact us, visit tromsite.com/contact.

NOTE: We are a few people working behind trom.tf and we make daily backups for our server to a different location. We use these services too, on a daily basis. They should be very reliable, however never rely 100% on these services. Make sure that you also save your files on your computer. It can happen that one day our server will be nuked and we will lose everything. So be aware of that!

NOTE: We have created a page where we list all of the abuse that happens against TROM.tf, when we are forced to remove certain services or pages. Please check it here.