One of the most complete alternatives to Google/Bing maps. Find places, create routes with detailed routing such as elevation, points of interests, drag-and-drop to re-route, and more. You have the ability oi add markers, lines, import/export maps, and use different map styles/layers.

many layers

bike, hike , car rides, water marks, routes, elevations….


top plus

open topo map

Cycl osm

hike and bike

open cycle map

want to hike?

open the map, create your route


1. Enable the hiking paths

The great thing is that views such as Hiking and Biking, together with the Hiking Paths layer, are extremely detailed, showcasing a lot of routes.

2. zoom in and enable points of interests

The more you zoom in, the more details you’ll be faced with, and one of the most useful tools is POIs (Points of Interest). They will help you find water sources, supermarkets, toilets, and so much more.

3. create your route

Choose a start and an end point for your route; select to load more route details and to opt for a hiking route.

and now you are ready!

You can see the elevation of your route, the time it will take to hike; you can add more points on your route, or drag and drop points to re-route it via different paths.

save, import, collaborate

The amazing part is that you can create your own maps
and share them with others or export



The awesome part is that you can now save your hiking map. Click “Collaborative Maps” and then “Create a new map”. You can choose any name for any of the links, or leave them as default, and everything will be saved automatically on, without any registration required. As long as you save the admin link, you can always access and edit your map.

If you create a route, make sure you save it as a “line” in the route popup, left side. Add to Map -> Line.

You can now add markers and lines, and save as many views of your maps as you want. Invite your friends via the editable link if you want them to be able to edit the map, or simply share the read-only link with those that are only meant to see the map.


Your custom map can be exported and then imported into any map application that is humane and lets humans import their custom maps. There are plenty of such apps fortunately. But the cool part is that you can also upload routes/maps into As an example, here is the wonderful GR11 trail that goes across Spain through the Pyrenees, with some custom markers added to the map. Download and upload to your custom TROMmap if you want to test it.

and more

It has more power under the hood